Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update: End of BadNFL's Inaugural Season!

Well, the blog finished up 9-7 this year, which I will say isn't half bad for an initial foray into picking games (although I have no expectation that any readers will believe me, since I didn't publicly document it, my pick week 1 was Cowboys -4.5 @ Bucs, which easily covered, so it could have been 10-7 had I started the blog earlier). I feel I learned some important things and started to develop some real insights into the very difficult task that is picking NFL games.

I'm not going to pick playoff games, both because I'm somewhat out of pocket for the next 3 weeks and thus wouldn't be able to put sufficient effort into it, but also because playoff games are harder to pick due to a fewer number of games to choose from and the difficulty of finding value in the lines. What will be on the agenda over the next month or so, stretching into the offseason, is a season-long "Upon Further Review," where I look back at the successes and failures of Year One, seeing what worked and didn't, and hopefully build for next year. I will also be conducting and publishing a few statistical studies of some betting phenomenons so that next year we'll have more raw data, instead of just intuition, to rely on. Finally, as soon as I get the time, I'll write a brief "Upon Further Review" of that 49ers/Rams game that came through nicely in Week 17.

Thanks to BadNFL Nation for a great season. Go Cowboys!

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