Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breaking: Welker Out

Well things just got a lot better for the Jets, as Wes Welker will miss the game today. This is a huge break for the Jets, because while Revis has had success shutting down Moss last year, Welker gashed the Jets for 180 yards on 14 catches in their 2 games last year. With Welker no longer punishing the Jets for taking away Moss, and more importantly no longer providing Brady the quick outlet underneath to exploit the gaps left by Ryan's blitzes, the Pats prospects on offense just got a little dimmer. I wouldn't be surprised if money flows in before gametime to the Jets, and the line ends up at +3 or maybe even lower. The Friday pick of Jets at +3.5 is looking even better now, and if they don't cover, it will be a real surprise. We will see....

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on being 1 for 1 out of the gate. Great analysis, great prediction. Now I only wish I had put money with the Bizzle.